Murrysville Summer Camps

Summer Tennis Camps for Kids, Teens, and Adults
in Murrysville


  • Small class sizes allow for individual attention to all students
  • The different age/ability groups (ages 4-5, 6-8, 9-14, 14+) allow each student
    to participate with children of his or her own ability level.

Teaching Pro: Bob Phillips, USPTA Certified Tennis Professional

No Racquet?  No Problem.

If you do not have a tennis racquet, I will provide a racquet for the first clinic.  At the end of the first clinic, I will recommend a racquet of the correct size and weight.  Racquets will be available at the clinic to purchase.

Registration and Payment: I will be conducting these clinics through the Murrysville Parks
and Recreation Department. You will Register and pay through Murrysville Parks and Recreation

Cancelled classes will be made up. Click on Make-up Dates in the Tennis Clinics menu bar for more info.
Private Lessons and Group Lessons are also available. Contact Bob at 814-659-4908

(Class descriptions listed below)

June 20-24

July 11-15

August 1-5

Tournament August 6-7


Little Kahunas (Ages 6-8)

Based on fun, this class includes instruction, drills, and games that help develop hand-eye
coordination and basic tennis skills. Emphasis on proper stroke technique and ball contact point.
Low pressure red and yellow tennis balls are used in this clinic.

Location: Chambers Park, Murrysville     Directions

10:00-11:00 a.m.  Fee:  $60


Juniors (Ages 9-14)


For the beginner Junior player.  Consists of instruction and drills that help to develop sound stroke
techniques and proper footwork. Emphasis on stroke production, movement, and live-ball rallying.
All drills simulate match situations. Low pressure orange and yellow; and Green Dot tennis balls are used in this clinic.

Location: Chambers Park, Murrysville    Directions

11:00 a.m. -12:30 p.m.   Fee:  $90


Adult/High School

Consists of instruction and drills that help to develop all-around skills of the high school player.
Instruction on stroke technique, specialty shots, match play strategy, and match play tactics.
All drills simulate match situations. Match play will be included and emphasized. Includes
instruction and match play for both doubles and singles.

Location: Chambers Park, Murrysville  Directions

8:30-10:00 a.m.  Fee:  $90