Tennis Lessons

Tennis Lessons

Taking tennis lessons from an experienced, highly qualified Certified Tennis Professional will help you to develop good tennis habits--and good tennis habits last a lifetime.

Hi, I'm Bob Phillips, Owner/Operator of Next Wave Tennis.

I am a USPTA Certified Tennis Professional (United States Professional Tennis Association), and I have conducted private tennis lessons, tennis clinics, and summer tennis camps for players of all ages in Monroeville, Murrysville, Greensburg, and surrounding communities for the past 15 years.

Formerly, I have served as the Tennis Director and Head Tennis Pro at Latrobe Country Club and as the Men’s Head Tennis Coach at St. Francis University of PA (NCAA Divison I) and at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg (NCAA Division III).  Additionally, I have served as a Contributing Writer for Tennis magazine.

My Teaching Philosophy

The game of tennis has changed dramatically in the past 20 years.  In the past, there was one "traditional” way of teaching tennis that was taught to every student (i.e., “the traditional game").  But tennis players (and athletes in general) have become stronger, faster, and quicker.  Additionally, racquet technology has drastically improved the amount of speed and power that a player can generate to strike a tennis ball.  Consequently, new tennis stroke techniques have evolved (i.e., the “modern game”) and professional tennis players incorporate these modern techniques.

Formerly, the logic was to teach students traditional techniques--which were, initially, easier to master--and then incorporate modern techniques. However, it is incredibly difficult for students to "unlearn" the muscle-memory reflex (habit) of a traditional stroke and learn the new a muscle-memory reflex of a modern stroke.  So, in the long run, it is more beneficial for a student to learn modern techniques from the start, so they won't have to struggle with learning these techniques in the future.

Consequently, I teach modern techniques to all of my students.  Not surprisingly, I've found that even six-year-old children can learn and incorporate modern techniques.  For older players who have traditional techniques that are deeply ingrained in their muscle memory reflex--and who would have to practice at great length to change that reflex--I do not force them to change their traditional technique.  However, in order to help them improve, I do try to modify some aspects of their strokes towards the modern technique.

For young students, I incorporate the use of low compression tennis balls. These balls are often called ROG balls (Red, Orange, Green).  I have used these balls for the past 12 years, and I firmly believe that they help children to improve quicker and to rally a ball back and forth at an earlier age.  This, in turn, makes tennis more "fun" for them and keeps them interested in the game.   These low-compression tennis balls travel through the air slower and, after hitting the ground, will "sit up" for the player, thus allowing the player to hit the ball in the optimum "strike zone" at waist level.  The type of low compression ball that I use depends on the ability level of the student.

Feel free to contact me regarding any questions you may have regarding tennis lessons or my teaching philosophy.

Contacting Me

You may phone me at 814-659-4908.  My e-mail address is  I look forward to providing you with high-quality enjoyable tennis lessons.

Thank you,

Bob Phillips