Racquet Stringing and Racquet Repair

Racquet Stringing and Racquet Repair


My racquet stringing service includes:

  • Recommendation of the string type and string tension that best suits your style of play.

Thorough inspection of your racquet for:

  • frame damage
  • grommet strip wear
  • cracked or damaged grommets
  • worn grip

I feature quality strings by Babolat, as well as other major brands.

Make your current racquet look and feel like new, with ...

Grip Replacement
New Grommet Strip Installation
Grommet Repair

Contact me for racquet stringing and repair services.

How to Choose a Tennis String

The string on your tennis has a dramatic effect on how your racquet will perform.  Racquet strings are as important as the tires you use on your car.  Use low-traction tires in the winter, and your car will not travel well in the snow.  Use the wrong tennis string (and wrong string tension) for your playing style, and your performance can suffer.  The type of tennis string (and the tension on the strings) that is best suited for you depends on your playing style and needs:

Do you seek more power on your strokes?

Do you seek more control?

Are you a baseliner or and all-court player?

Do you have any arm or shoulder injuries?

How often do you break strings?

If you are currently taking lessons from a certified pro, he or she would be the best person to ask about the type of string you should use, because they are familiar with your playing style.  If you are not currently taking lessons, arrange a half-hour lesson with a certified tennis professional and ask them to recommend a string that suits your playing style, swing speed, and any other needs you may have.  The cost of the lesson is well worth the proper string recommendation.

IMPORTANT:  Many professional players use some type of polyester or kevlar string.  (And, everyone wants to use the same string that the pros use).  However, polyester and kevlar strings are extremely stiff and can quickly cause elbow and shoulder problems.  These strings are only prescribed to players who are breaking strings every two or three weeks.  And, even if you are a frequent string-breaker, try using a thicker 15L string or a polyester hybrid string before using an all polyester or kevlar string.